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Inspired Learning through STEM Videos
Inspired Learning through STEM Videos
Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $45.00
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Three DVDs that encompass 35 videos to inspire STEM Learning from FASE Productions and the Futures Channel.
Below is a quick Clip of one video:

Algebra in the Real World
Algebra in the Real World will enable you to show your students the excitement, the power, the range and the results of the applications of algebra in fascinating career fields. From astronomy to forestry, sports equipment design to saving endangered species, alternative energy to farming, algebra is shown in its vital role as the tool that allows us to create, to understand, and to improve our world.
DVD includes 18 popular Futures Channel movies with algebra curriculum connections, supplementary algebra curriculum and correlations to the Common Core Mathematics Standards!
DVD includes:

Aquarium Makers
Building & Testing Wheels
Designing Stronger Skateboards
Engineering Faster Bikes
First One in the Ballpark
Landscape Architects
Maglev Trains
Reliable Robots
Roller Coasters
Saving the Bald Eagle
Solar Energy: Photovoltaics
Structural Engineering
Testing the Robotic Hand
The Forester
The Lundberg Farms
The Starshade
The Wind Business

STEM in the Real World: Module 1
Enjoy this special collection of The Futures Channel's most popular real-world videos without having to connect to the Internet. Take your students on a field trip every day and show them math and science in the real world (no school bus required). Futures Channel Lesson Plans are provided with DVD purchase.
Module 1 includes:

The Blackfooted Ferret
Building Custom Guitars
Creating Cars
Designing Stronger Skateboards
Moorpark Zoo: Managing Exotic Animals
Predicting the Weather
Recycling Computers
The Rhythm Track
Roller Coasters
The Wind Business

STEM in the Real World: Module 2
Three words: Fast, affordable and simple. With this second volume of The Futures Channel's top movies on DVD, you can be inspiring your students with more real world applications of math and science in a matter of seconds. Futures Channel Lesson Plans are provided with DVD purchase.
Module 2 includes:

100,000 Computers a Day
The Backpack Designer
Designing Toy Cars
Flowers by the Millions
Maglev Trains
Testing Bats
Undersea Treasure

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Teacher Talk DVD
Teacher Talk
Price: $249.95

Teacher Talk (staff development)
Drawn from classroom footage that was not able to be included in Good Morning Miss Toliver, this comprehensive staff development resource shows teachers exactly how to design and deliver inspiring and effective lessons that develop a thorough understanding of concepts and get students to practice their skills while having the time of their lives!

Teacher Talk Episodes:
Hands-On Math
Mathematics and Communication
The Math Trail
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STEAM Real-World Career Video Library
STEAM Real-World Career Video Library
Price: $295.00

The library is delivered to you on a single flash drive, this resource includes 65 Futures Channel Movies.
The library includes comprehensive teaching guides for every movie. These guides provide more than 600 real-world lesson activities, problems and hands-on student projects related to the movies. The easy-to-use library interface allows you to search for content by title, curriculum topic or standard.
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Futures with Jaime Escalante DVD Complete Series
Futures with Jaime Escalante Complete 24 Episode Series
Price: $412.46

FUTURES with Jaime Escalante (grades 9-12)
FUTURES was designed to motivate interest in mathematics by showing students that math is the language of the future--and a passport to creative and rewarding jobs in fields ranging from fashion and skateboard design to architecture and space exploration.

The most popular instructional television series in the history of PBS. FUTURES features acclaimed math teacher Jaime Escalante (profiled in the feature film Stand and Deliver), and is intended for use with students in middle school, high school and community colleges.
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